$15 a day

Overnight stays: $25 a night

Pets over 1yr of age that are not fixed may not be permitted although if they interact well during the initial visit there will be an extra charge of 20$ per night and for daycare and extra 10$ The day care rate will apply for dogs picked up from overnight stays after noon on their last day. We ask that you supply your pet’s food as we do not want to switch your dogs diet as it can upset their stomach although we have various types of high quality food if the need arises. We accept pick ups and drop offs almost anytime of day although there will be an extra charge of 15 dollars before 8am and after 7pm.

*Call ahead on the day of the pickup or drop off so we are prepared for your arrival*

Initial Evaluation

We prefer that all dogs visit Eagle Valley Ranch with their owners before their first stay. This allows the dogs to get comfortable with the new environment and to make sure each dog is a good fit for our space and our group. Please contact us to make an appointment for this initial visit.


Small dogs: $30-45

Medium dogs: $45-60

Large dogs: $50-100

Prices vary depending on the condition of your pet’s coat and the amount of time that is required All groomings include bath, blowdry, cut, ear cleaning and nail trim